EYES ON THE EARTH por: Alejandro Labala Rulli Air, Water, Food and Energy, are the fundamental resources that every modern civilization must have in a clean, safe, reliable and abundant way, so that the dynamics of development do not stop, and be sustainable. 17 USD - COMPRAR LIBRO
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Eyes on the Earth

Air, Water, Food and Energy, are the fundamental resources that every modern civilization must have in a clean, safe, reliable and abundant way, so that the dynamics of development do not stop, and be sustainable.
But our Energy System is mainly based on the use of fossil fuels -oil, natural gas and its derivatives-, with the result of producing mainly the well known "Greenhouse Gases" as a waste.
Both "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" -phenomena caused by the use of fossil fuels -are negatively affecting all the inhabitants of the Planet, to the extent that today the consequences in various regions are irreversible.
¿What would happen if we continue with this dynamic, and take these phenomena to such an extreme, resulting in increases in global average temperatures exceeding 2°C above the average historical pre-industrial levels?
All forecasts in this scenario reveal catastrophic consequences for most of the most inhabited territories on our Planet.
For all types of readers, "Eyes on the Earth" simply explains the origin of these phenomena never before experienced in the history of mankind, as well as showing that there are feasible solutions to stabilize the dynamics of "Global Warming" and the "Climate Change"-phenomena that feed off each other-, solutions fundamentally based on "Sustainable Development"
With all the rigor of scientific reasoning, with the best examples, and simplicity of a good disclosure, so that it is within everyone's reach and understanding.


Work description.

Eyes on Earth aims to present the science behind global climate change. It is not a political publication. It simply presents known, well-established scientific facts and strings them together to show why increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will cause the Earth's surface (land, oceans, and ice sheets) and lower atmosphere to warm, and all thanks to the economic actions of man.
The work is made up of four chapters, and in each of them, conceptual and key topics are developed to understand the great modern problem of climate change, as well as the unfeasible engineering practices for not being sustainable, the overexploitation of ecosystems and resources, reserving a set of proposed solutions for last.
I hope it will be useful for each reader who ventures to know the current situation of our home: the Earth. And let it be a motivational reference to carry out the changes that are necessary to have a better future.

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Global warming and climate change, two phenomena that feed on each other
Sobre el autor
Alejandro Labala Rulli
Autor destacado

By profession Civil and Hydraulic Engineer (UNLP, Bs.As. Argentina), Technical Engineer of Public Works, specializing in Civil Constructions (Madrid, Spain), with specialties in: Renewable Energies (Censolar, Seville, Spain), Energy Efficiency and Energy Transformation (Renac, Berlin, Germany), has developed small, medium and large-scale projects in the aforementioned disciplines, with a consolidated track record over more than 30 years uninterrupted activity.

Committed from a very young age to science, he has continued to be a popularizer and speaker on issues as profound and worrying as «Climate Change» and «Global Warming». 

As an Inventor and Creator, he is achieving goals of recognized importance, managing to register the first Invention Patent in the field of  «Sustainable Development» in The United States of America, an event that identifies him as a pioneer in the field, and today he continues to advance to global level with the creation of «Zero Energy Zero Emissions» and «Green Innovations» projects, in Civil Engineering and Architecture, with the aim of mitigation the negative impacts caused by traditional engineering practices on our habitat: The Earth.



Climate change is happening now, and it is we ourselves who feed this dynamic of degradation and destruction, day by day. Not only is it currently affecting different regions and human groups on our planet, but we are also not ensuring a promising future for coming generations.

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